As soon as I picked up my first camera, I knew.  This wasn’t just something I wanted to do, it’s what I had to do. 

I'm a wanderer at my core and travel every chance I get. In the Summer of 2017, my husband and I quit our full time jobs, sold our cars, got rid of most of our belongings, packed our bags (and camera) for the trip of a lifetime. Travel will always be one of the biggest influences on my photography and life. 

I graduated from the University of South Florida with my finance degree when I was 20. Only to realize that I kinda, sorta hate corporate finance. Oops. 

I'm a full blown coffee addict and could happily live off peanut butter for the rest of my life. 

I was vegetarian for 9 years before going vegan at the beginning of 2017. 

My ultimate happiness is spending time in nature. Yosemite National Park is my absolute favorite place in the world. Hiking Half Dome is at the top of my bucket list, alongside trekking to Everest Base Camp!

I'm a total space nerd and ponderer of the universe. 

Fur mom to the cutest little guy there is - Gator.

I eloped with my High School Sweetheart in Key West on our 6 year anniversary. One of the many reasons why elopements are so near and dear to my heart!

I'm originally from Livermore, California, but have lived in the Tampa Bay area since I was 6. I currently reside in downtown St. Petersburg, the best city in the South.